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I can’t really think of a more important program that helps youth find their way, while simultaneously improving relationships with the community, local business, and police.

Dave Rosen

We have watched the program grow from an idea to an essential part of our community.  NYC Together leadership knows no bounds when it comes to bridging the divide between police officers and the community and assisting students reach their fullest potential.  Together is fostering a win-win relationship for everyone involved that will really make a difference.   We will continue to support Together’s efforts in any way we can.

Elaine and Norm Brodsky

In the past few years, we've had the pleasure of getting to know Together leadership and some of the youth advisors who’ve helped develop the program along with the officers involved. We see young people that are facing challenges but have a desire to succeed. The officers who selflessly volunteer their time model for the teens what a police officer should look like: kind, patient, intelligent, firm, fair. Being a member of the community that the students go to school in, as business owners as well as residents, we see a real value in this program. It connects the students to a neighborhood they come to every day and makes them feel included. We will happily continue to support Together as long as we are able to.

Blair & Josh Cohen